Week 3, Term 3

Hello to our Online Learners!
Tempo has remained a focus in all of our Music classes over the past week and below I have provided a poster with some tempo terminology below which will help you to complete a short written task this week. Under each class there is a worksheet that you can download and print if you are learning from home.

Please print your class worksheet if you can and store in your Music file, so that I can view it when we are hopefully all back at school soon.

Accelerando is a gradual SPEEDING UP of the tempo. Think 'accelerate' like a car!
Ritardando is a gradual SLOWING DOWN of the tempo.

Year 4
Please click on the printable PDF document for this week's tempo activity: Tempo Worksheet Year 4Ukulele skills: Continue to practice G7 chord as in last week's blog post and You Are My Sunshine.

Year 5
Please click on the printable PDF document for this week's tempo activity: Tempo Worksheet Year 5Ukulele Skills: Continue to revise chord changes from …

Week 2, Term 2 Music

Aloha young musicians!
Welcome back to Term Two everyone. At school we will be returning to our Ukulele and Music Theory program. For those of you that are learning from home, I have provided links to some ukulele skills and techniques for you to look over until we see you again.
Here are some questions to test your theory from last term: What is a CHORD?What does the term TEMPO mean?Can you define the term RHYTHM?What are the NAMES of the strings on a ukulele?How many PARTS of the ukulele can you name?
Here are some links to videos for those of you that have a ukulele at home. No doubt we will be seeing most of you back at school soon, so it might be helpful to watch these links to keep your ukulele skills and techniques up to speed. Keep practicing if you have your instrument at home!
Year 4: G7 Chord Revision Remember short nails on your fretting hand will help you with mastering your chords.You Are My Sunshine Chords C and G7. Remember to start very slow and each time you practice …

Welcome to Your Music Blog for Online Learning!

A Big Hello to Our Years 4, 5 and 6 Students and Parents!I hope that you are all keeping healthy, happy and beginning to embrace our new world of online learning. I’m excited to learn more as we venture into Music online and I hope that we can find ways to keep each other feeling positive through Music. You all have such incredible class teachers who are guiding you through this new journey and as our amazing Year 6 leadership team reminded us in their video ‘we are all in this together!’
We all know how sensational music is for our soul and there are soooooo many benefits to incorporating music into our lives at home for a while. One of the best things about music is that it can connect us all while we are physically apart! 
A Few Questions You May Have About Our Music Lessons Online: How will I access Music lessons? Each Monday during the school term I will post your Music lesson for the week. Please use this blog to find your class and the lesson outlined beneath.What will Music look …